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6 Reasons You Should Use More Germinated Seeds in Your Diet

6 Reasons You Should Use More Germinated Seeds in Your Diet

What are germinated seeds?

You might have heard the term “sprouted” when browsing the health food section of the store: sprouted quinoa or sprouted almonds, sprouted 7 grain bread, or maybe a sprouted superfoods salad.  These foods have undergone germination.  In basic terms, this means that the seeds have been soaked in water and then strained with a screen or cloth in a repeated cycle over several days, which causes them to restart their growing process.  In a sense, they “come alive” again.  Sprouting seeds, nuts, grains, and beans and has become a growing trend among foodies and natural health fanatics alike.

Sprouted foods are in the news! Here are reason why you’ll want to start incorporating more into your diet!


  1. Fiber: A diet rich in fiber helps you feel full and prevents you from overeating.  Fiber also promotes healthy digestion.  Germinated seeds, nuts, grains and beans are more developed as a plant, thus creating more dietary fiber and soluble fiber.  Because the sprouts have been hydrated, they are easier to Germinated Seedsdigest, particularly when consumed raw.
  2. Vitamins and Minerals: Seeds, grains, and beans are naturally healthy, nutrient packed foods.  Germinating them increases their vitamin density, especially B vitamins and Calcium.  It also increases other key minerals like iron and zinc.
  3. Amino Acids: Sprouted seeds, grains, and beans are a fantastic source of protein for vegans.  Amino acids and readily digestible enzymes are significantly higher in these foods than non-sprouted foods.  Adding sprouts to a salad can greatly enhance its long-sustaining nutrition to keep you going throughout the day.

  4. Fresh and Energizing: Quite literally, germinated foods are living foods.  They are vibrant, clean, and energizing.  And it makes sense that consuming the plants closest to living give us the most life.  Sprouted foods are rich in antioxidants and blood-cleansing chlorophyll.  Eating these fresh foods will detoxify and alkalize your body, making you feel great!
  5. Texture: Germination causes seeds, grains, and beans to sprout roots and sometimes leafy green tops.  Not only does it amp up the nutrition, it also adds a deliciously satisfying texture.  Try adding alfalfa or pea sprouts to your next sandwich or salad for a nutritious crunch!

    Beyond your taste buds

    6. Natural Beauty: I know my fellow vegan bloggers love a good foodie photo! Sprouted foods are a simple and fun way to add dimension and variety to your meal.  Earthy textures and lively colors are just as appetizing as they are nourishing.  Make a creative and visually appealing plate with sprouted foods.

In every way, sprouted foods are fantastic additions to a healthy vegan diet.

Do you want to know how to germinate your own seeds?  Check out onegreenplanet.org for further information on sprouted foods.  Happy and healthy eating!


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